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Year 1 and Year 2

Year 1 & 2

Autumn 2018


The children have settled in to their new school year very well and have had a very busy first half term indeed. Besides working hard they have performed a Harvest Assembly, had a visit from the charity NSPCC, enjoyed a fun filled circus themed day and taken part in an Asian Food tasting afternoon with a lady from the Derby Open Centre.

We have chosen ‘Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear’ as the class text and much of the work this term has and will be based around this excellent book.

Darren will continue to teach the children music and this term he is focusing on rhythm, dancing, singing and using the Ipads so the children can make their own music.

Every week the children will continue to participate in a whole school Forest School session when they take their learning outside the classroom. This is an inspirational process that offers regular opportunities for the children to achieve and develop their confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in their natural environment.

Louise Palmer will continue to teach Information Technology weekly. This term she is focusing on computer control using the new Blue Bots, using Scratch on the iPads and laptops, making a book on nocturnal animlas and writing emails and blogs and learning more about e-safety (keeping personal information safe). They will also be involved in an Integrated STEM lesson on rockets.

The children will enjoy up to three hours of P.E. each week which will include ball skills, gymnastics and dance.

Mrs. Hargreaves teaches Art and this term has planned some great activities linked to the class text and Tina will be continuing her exciting Spanish lessons on a Tuesday morning. The children greatly enjoy her teaching which she does so enthusiastically dressed in traditional Spanish dress and using lots of practical, enjoyable activities to teach the children Spanish phrases and, for example, the Spanish colours and number vocabulary.

We ensure that our children are aware of the British Values and each term we focus on a different ‘value’. At Combs we strongly believe that each child should leave our school with skills in order to continue to develop and demonstrate abilities and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in, contributing positively in the outside environment.
This term we are looking closely at ‘Democracy’ and what the values mean to us. Our children will be given lots of opportunities to understand what these mean through role play, group discussions, assemblies and general everyday practice they see in and around their school environment.

Homework will consist of a literacy and mathematics activity linking to their learning in the classroom. The children also have their own individual target booklets that they keep in their book bags so parents can see what their current targets are in their core areas and help them to achieve them at home. We also expect parents to support their child by hearing them read as often as possible and to read to their children each evening. We hear the children read frequently in school and feel that ‘little and often’ is a very successful technique to enable our children to become fluent, enthusiastic readers.

The children have a very busy term ahead of them leading up to Christmas including lots of enjoyable, hands on, child initiated activities to help along the way.


Making and painting with secondary colours in Art

Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 1
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 2
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 3
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 4
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 5
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 6
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 7
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 8
Making and painting with secondary colours in Art 9

Taking our learning outside

Taking our learning outside 1
Taking our learning outside 2
Taking our learning outside 3
Taking our learning outside 4
Taking our learning outside 5
Taking our learning outside 6
Taking our learning outside 7
Taking our learning outside 8

Our Circus themed day

Our Circus themed day 1
Our Circus themed day 2
Our Circus themed day 3
Our Circus themed day 4
Our Circus themed day 5
Our Circus themed day 6
Our Circus themed day 7
Our Circus themed day 8
Our Circus themed day 9
Our Circus themed day 10

Music with Mr Lloyd

Music with Mr Lloyd  1
Music with Mr Lloyd  2

Our Forest school lessons

Our Forest school lessons 1
Our Forest school lessons 2
Our Forest school lessons 3
Our Forest school lessons 4
Our Forest school lessons 5
Our Forest school lessons 6
Our Forest school lessons 7
Our Forest school lessons 8
Our Forest school lessons 9


Spanish  1
Spanish  2
Spanish  3
Spanish  4

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