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Ethos, Vision and Values



Combs - a school with a view.


At Combs Infant School we are conscious that our environment is a child’s first learning experience away from home.

Each child is helped to develop a love of learning, creativity, confidence and the resilience to move on to Primary School.

We create a small caring environment where every child can learn and flourish academically.

We care about our rural environment. Our village location allows us to let every child explore nature, the seasons and the natural world that surrounds our school.

We care about the wider environment too, our buildings – a mixture of old and new- are run to the highest environmental standards.

We are a school with a view.




We endeavour to give every child the best start in education and teach them how to explore their full potential.

We provide a specialist infant experience.

Encourage every child to enjoy and succeed academically and explore learning in all forms.

Encourage independence and creativity.

Help all children move on from Combs by following and monitoring their progress and creating strong ties with local Primary schools.

Enable all staff to progress professionally and continue to be at the forefront of infant education.

Be at the heart of our rural community and involve all the local community.





Providing a specialist infant experience where every individual child counts.

Small, safe, caring but with a broad curriculum to encourage a child’s independence and their first experience of education.

Balancing academic learning with enriching every child’s creativity and exploration of the natural world through our Forest School.

Instilling a sense of fairness and an understanding of diversity.

Give every child the education, confidence and resilience to successfully progress to Primary education.

All staff are specialists in infant education.

To be an integral part of Combs Village and the wider community.


Combs - a school with a view.