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Ethos, Vision and Values

Combs – ‘A school with a view’

Our Ethos, Values and Vision


Here at Combs, we are a small friendly infant school situated at the heart of a rural village in the picturesque Peak District. We believe our location provides us not only the opportunity to give children a unique infant learning experience, but we are also able to balance academic learning with enriching every child’s creativity, and exploration of the natural world. We care about our rural environment and our location allows us to expand on this so our children can understand the seasons and the natural world surrounding our school.


Our unique location enables us to enjoy and utilise the natural environment around us, including our fantastic forest school setting, and our newly built ‘Rotunda’ classroom which we believe provides a fantastic, bright, and modern environment perfect for young minds and learning.


We are conscious that our school can be a child’s first learning experience away from home.

We strive to create and nurture a caring environment where children can learn and flourish academically with a broad curriculum to encourage a child’s independence with this first experience of school education. We encourage the importance of many varied values - individuality, independence, equality, and teamwork are highly important to us.


Our aim is to ensure that all of our children have a wholesome and ‘well rounded’ start to their education, and we work hard to ensure our children are encouraged to succeed academically in all forms of learning.  Each and every child is helped to develop a love of learning, creativity and confidence, instilling a sense of fairness and an understanding of diversity, with the resilience to be able to move on to the next stage of primary school.


We also strive to ensure the transition from infant school to junior school is as seamless as possible, and that by creating and maintaining strong ties with local schools, we can follow and monitor children’s progress in a beneficial manner for all.


We hope to give every child here the very best start in their educational journey by helping them to explore their full potential.

We encourage every child to enjoy their learning through varied, creative methods, and adapt where necessary to accommodate different levels and pace of learning and/or ability level.


We also interact with our local village community as we believe the skills gained from helping each other and working together are some of the essential tools and values that can only enhance our children’s education. We feel it is important to be an integral part of Combs village and the wider community.


Our staff and governors are valued members of our team, and we enable our staff to progress professionally with up-to-date training so that we can be at the forefront of infant education. We also highly value all of our parents - opinions and feedback are appreciated so that we can all benefit and work together to ensure our children get the most from their time learning with us.


Overall, we aim to be a positive friendly school, and our focus is primarily on a high level of education for our children through a creative yet structured learning experience, with dedicated staff who have a passion for teaching and who want your children to achieve their potential.