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Religious Education

Religious Education is an important part of our school’s curriculum. It provides the foundations of promoting an acceptance and understanding of other and their beliefs. Through the teaching of RE we aim to promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all our pupils.
The RE syllabus that we currently follow at Combs Infants School is the Derbyshire and Derby agreed syllabus for Religious Education 2020-2025. At Combs, we enable our children to develop a sound knowledge of the following major religions; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, equally taught alongside the fact that some people are non-religious. Not only do we encourage the children to learn from the different religious views, we reflect upon the meaning of a faith and support them in developing their own spiritual knowledge, beliefs and understanding.

“Every child and young person who goes to school, therefore, is entitled to an experience of RE that is both academically challenging and personally inspiring.
RE contributes dynamically to pupils’ education in schools, while provoking challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. 
In RE pupils learn from religions and world views about different ways of life. They discover, explore and consider many different answers to questions about human identity, meaning and value. They learn to weigh up for themselves the value of wisdom from different communities, to disagree respectfully, to be reasonable in their responses to religions and world views and to respond by expressing insights about their own and others’ lives. They think rigorously, creatively, imaginatively and respectfully about their ideas in relation to religion and world views.”

(Derbyshire and Derby City Agreed Syllabus for RE, 2020–2025        © RE Today Services 2019)

RE Progression of Skills and Knowledge