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Welcome to Early Years!


Just look at our amazing classroom. We are so lucky to learn and explore in such a unique and special building. 

Our Early Years Staff

Our theme this term is “Stars and Space”.

The children have been enjoying our class text “Star in the Jar” and all the wonderful activities planned around it.

Parent Newsletter Summer 2021

Literacy and Communication and Language

At the beginning of the term a star arrived in our classroom. The children made lost posters for the star and the next day a letter arrived from the star’s friends with a story book called ‘Star in the Jar’. We have been using this story about a lost and our special star to help us complete lots of writing and listening activities.

Reception have been busy writing a list of where they would take their star, writing what their wish upon a star would be and even an acrostic poem about a star. The children have enjoyed reading the story using our Talk for Writing approach and are now able to retell the story using the story map and actions to help us.

Nursery have been busy listening to lots of stories and singing songs about stars.  They have talked about what they like about stars, what they would have in their own treasure box and making lots of stars in the provision.

The children are looking forward too many more activities planned around the story during this term, as well as looking at other fantasy and nonfiction space books.

There is also always lots of writing opportunities in our provision and the children are encouraged to write their name each morning when they arrive at school.  The variety of activities all help with letter formation, writing our names, sounds, words and sentences.


We love our maths lessons and are always keen to explore numbers, shapes, and space. We use a variety of resources and we often take our learning outside. This term we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Reception have been busy making shape pictures with 2D shapes and exploring 3D shapes through matching games and building challenges. Nursery have been exploring 2D shapes and have been on a shape hunt, drawn around shapes and made 2D shapes with lolly sticks.

We have also been busy exploring number. Reception have begun to explore numbers beyond 10 and representing these in different ways and nursery have been busy exploring numbers to 5 using 5 frames and numicon.

Here are some of the learning opportunities that have been keeping us busy…

Understanding the World - Science

We are always excited to carry out science experiments and investigations. We have been exploring ice melting, floating and sinking, planting seeds for springtime, exploring natural and man-made materials and even carried out our own star experiment using balloons!

Forest School

Our forest school sessions are so much fun! We love getting crafty using lots of natural resources and exploring our beautiful forest area. This term we have made shapes using sticks to hang in our forest school area, been on a treasure hunt looking for natural treasures, made magic wands using sticks and natural materials and so much more. You will always find us in the mud kitchen, playing hide and seek in the long grass, jumping in muddy puddles or building with the logs.

Guided Reading

Reception have started guided reading this term. We love sharing and reading books with our friends. We also enjoy choosing a book from our book corner and cosying up in the quiet area to read.

Understanding the World – Geography

In geography we have been exploring the local area of Combs. We went on a walk around Combs finding all the key landmarks and made our own map of Combs. We loved using Google Earth to find Combs.

Understanding the World – Religious Education 

In RE we have been listening to bible stories and talking about the different themes in the story. This term we have been exploring special books and special people. The children have enjoyed writing and talking about what they are thankful for, who is special to them and how to be a good friend.

The children also enjoyed learning about the Easter Story and decorating Easter Crosses.

Expressive Arts and Design – Art

We have been so busy this term with art and love getting creative. We created some shooting star art with chalks, designed and made telescopes, created a night sky picture with silhouettes of buildings, painted the night sky using ink and our favourite..…bubble painting!

Expressive Arts and Design – Music

Jenni is our fabulous music teacher.  We are always excited for her music lessons and love her guitar she brings and plays each week. We do lots of singing, instruments playing and music games. Jenni is also teaching the children a song about the ‘Murmals’ and the adventures they go on through singing.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We are incredibly lucky at Combs to have Jess, our mindfulness teacher. The children enjoy taking part in her weekly mindfulness and yoga sessions. These valuable sessions give the children the opportunity to relax, feel calm and share any worries or concerns. Jess helps the children to feel special and loved.

Each morning we discuss how we are feeling that day and regularly read our favourite Colour Monster stories which help us to discuss and explore our emotions.

Physical Development  

Our PE lessons are so much fun with our PAS coaches. They encourage team work, turn taking, ball skills and improvement of our physical development and coordination.

Fine Motor

We are continually developing our fine motor skills and know how important it is to help our muscles in our little hands grow and develop. We love our new box of fine motor challenges.  Our favourite is dough disco!

Continuous Provision

Each morning there are always so many fun and exciting activities set up in our provision to encourage and promote learning. There are maths challenges, role play, building in the construction area, messy play and water and sand which are our definitely our favourite. There is always lots of opportunity to get creative with playdough, paints, cutting, sticking and junk modelling. Here are some pictures of our exciting creations.