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Welcome to Early Years!


Just look at our amazing classroom. We are so lucky to learn and explore in such a unique and special building. 

Our Early Years Staff

The children have settled wonderfully into their new year of learning!

Our theme this term is “Autumn and Harvest Time”.

The children will be enjoying our class text “Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear” and all the wonderful activities planned around it.

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Parent Newsletter Autumn 2021

Literacy and Communication and Language

This term our main text is "Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear".

The children will be learning all about the different seasons, familiar settings in books such as forests/woodlands and where bears live, verbally retelling our story using actions and comparing how the bear in our story goes to bed to how we get ready for bed.

We will also be learning about Harvest, Diwali and The Gun Powder plot all before reading the Christmas story and working together with the Key Stage 1 children to perform our magical Nativity at Christmas. 

We will start our Autumn term by reading the Little Red Hen as the Early Years children will be performing this story with our Key Stage 1 children for our Harvest Assembly. As well as acting out the story the children will listen to and learn Harvest poems and songs.

A very busy but extremely exciting term a head!

There is also lots of writing opportunities in our provision and the children are encouraged to write their name each morning when they arrive at school.  The variety of activities all help with letter formation, writing our names, sounds, words and sentences.


We love our maths lessons and are always keen to explore numbers, shapes, and space. We use a variety of resources and we often take our learning outside. The children are busy in maths this term and will be learning about the numbers to 5, where they will represent these numbers in different ways and compare amounts. We will also be exploring size, mass and capacity as well as patterns and 2D shape. 

Here are some of the learning opportunities that have been keeping us busy…

Understanding the World - Science

We are always excited to carry out science experiments and investigations. Our focus in science this term is Materials. The children will explore everyday materials to build a bed for a bear, learn about natural and manmade materials and explore collections of materials with similar and/or different properties.

Forest School

Our forest school sessions are so much fun! We love getting crafty using lots of natural resources and exploring our beautiful forest area. You will always find us in the mud kitchen, playing hide and seek in the long grass, jumping in muddy puddles or building with the logs.

This term we are very lucky to welcome Emma our forest school practitioner from Inside Out Forest School who will be leading forest school sessions every week. Throughout these weekly sessions, the children develop resilience, self-confidence, communication skills, creativity and risk assessing. 



 We love sharing and reading books with our friends. We also enjoy choosing a book from our book corner and cosying up in the quiet area to read.

Understanding the World – Geography

In Geography the children enjoy learning about where we live and especially enjoy using Google Earth to find places we know. This term the children will be focusing on human and physical geography. Where they will explore seasonal and weather changes and how this affects animals.

Understanding the World – Religious Education 

The children enjoy listening to different bible stories and learning about different faiths and beliefs. This term in religious education the children will be focusing on which times and special and why and learning about Diwali and The Christmas Story.

Expressive Arts and Design – Art

The children always have a wonderful time in art and love getting creative! They have already created a self-portrait for our class display using different materials for each part of their faces such as wool, card, tissue paper etc. We listened to a story about how we are all different and used mirrors to look at our faces. 

The children will also be making seasonal art using natural materials such as leaves and conkers, creating Harvest art using fruit and vegetables to print with to develop our colour mixing skills and using straws to blow paint with to create bonfire night art.  

Expressive Arts and Design – Music

Jenni is our fabulous music teacher.  We are always excited for her music lessons and love her guitar she brings and plays each week. We do lots of singing, use instruments and play music games. This term the children will be learning different songs for our Harvest Festival, performing songs and listening to music related to our class story and in the run up to Christmas we will be learning Christmas songs.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We are incredibly lucky at Combs to have Jess, our mindfulness teacher. The children enjoy taking part in her weekly mindfulness and yoga sessions. These valuable sessions give the children the opportunity to relax, feel calm and share any worries or concerns. Jess helps the children to feel special and loved.

This term in PSED the children are going to learn about different emotions using our favourite story “The Colour Monster”, friendship linking our main text and healthy eating when learning about harvest.


British Values

The British Values are incorporated throughout the children's daily routine and this is highlighted on a day to day basis, from being a nice friend, following instructions and using our manners to having responsibilities, understanding boundaries and looking after ourselves and doing what makes us happy. We always have one value that is a main focus and this term it is “Mutual Respect and Tolerence for those with different faiths and beliefs”. 
Each of the British Values are incorporated through the children’s PSED lessons, daily learning and they lay the foundations for discussion during our weekly class assemblies. Our student council meet and suggest ways of how we can filter the understanding of these values throughout school, they talk to the other children and bring their feedback back to the meetings, promoting a voice for all the children at Combs.

Physical Development  

Our PE lessons are so much fun with our PAS coaches. This term they will be focusing on the basic fundamentals of travelling and moving using their different body parts. They will also be learning about Agility, Balance and Coordination understanding body movements, balancing and taking part in different challenges.

Fine Motor

We are continually developing our fine motor skills and know how important it is to help our muscles in our little hands grow and develop. We love our new box of fine motor challenges.  Our favourite is dough disco!

Continuous Provision

Each morning there are always so many fun and exciting activities set up in our provision to encourage and promote learning. There are maths challenges, role play, building in the construction area, messy play and water and sand which are our definitely our favourite. There is always lots of opportunity to get creative with playdough, paints, cutting, sticking and junk modelling. Here are some pictures of our exciting creations.