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Year 1 and Year 2

Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Key Stage One.

Our theme this term is “Autumn and Harvest Time”.

The children will be enjoying our whole school text “Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear” and all the wonderful activities planned around it.

Our KS1 Staff and Classroom

Parent Newsletter Autumn 2021

Weekly Timetable Autumn 2021


The children have settled wonderfully in to their new year of learning! 

This term our main text is "Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear". The children will be learning all about the different seasons, the importance of friendship, and designing and making bear his own house to rest in, whilst he hibernates.

We will also be learning about Harvest, Diwali and The Gun Powder plot all before reading the Christmas story and working together to perform our magical Nativity at Christmas. 

We will start our Autumn term by reading the Little Red Hen as KS1 children will be performing this story with our Reception and Nursery children for our Harvest Assembly. As well as narrating the story the children will create Harvest poems and posters to encourage our parents to donate food for our festival which will be delivered to our local food bank.

A very busy but extremely exciting term ahead!



The children are learning all about number this term, which will include ordering, place value, counting out different amounts, adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. They are enjoying learning in the classroom but really enjoy taking their counting, estimating, investigating and drawing outside!

Science/Forest School

Our focus in Science this term is Materials. Although the children have a weekly Science lesson in school, Science is also interweaved throughout our weekly Forest School sessions. They have enjoyed looking and collecting data about the different materials that are inside and outside our school environment and are currently learning about their properties. We incorporate this learning within their Forest School sessions by looking closely at man-made and natural objects and materials that are around us. The children particularly like playing “Eye Spy the material”, on our way through the village as we head to and from our site. They have been busy investigating which would be the best material for the little pig’s roof and most recently, they have used a combination of materials combined with their fine motor skills to make wands. These wands are being used to help grant positive wishes for their friends and to talk about each other’s star qualities. We will be continuing to investigate different materials both inside and outside school and look at how we can change the shape of materials in different ways i.e. bending, twisting, soaking, heating etc.


The children thoroughly enjoy their weekly music lessons with Darren. This term the children will be learning and performing songs for the Harvest Festival. The pupils will also be composing, performing and listening to music that’s related to Autumn and bears. In the run up to Christmas the pupils will be learning Christmas songs. Throughout all of these activities, pupils will focus on developing beat keeping skills, learning to read simple notation, listening to a wide range of world and classical music as well as playing musical games and other fun activities.

Art and Design

The children will be having a wonderful time in Art. They have already drawn and painted their self portraits for our class display. They used the mirrors to look at themselves, had a variety of paints to choose from and mixed white in to create different shades. 
They will be learning about the colour wheel - primary and secondary colours, taking part in observational drawings, using different materials and moulding clay to make Diya lamps.


The children will be learning all about Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day. They are using the IPads and books to research in to the past and also encouraged to ask grandparents. They will be looking at objects that have modernised over time, placing them in order and talking about how and why they think they have changed. 


The children do a lot of work outside in our school environment so can confidently talk about what it is like where we live. They have a wonderful display of the United Kingdom in their classroom, where they can talk about and identify the four countries and their capital cities of the UK. This term the children are working on their geographical skills and field work and, the human and physical geography around them.


The children continue to enjoy their twice weekly PE sessions with our sports coaches from PAS. This term they will be focusing on the basic fundamentals of travelling and moving using their different body parts. They will also be learning about Agility, Balance and Coordination understanding body movements, balancing and taking part in different challenges.


This term the children will be following the Icompute curriculum to learn how to use

Year 1

IAlgorithm – This unit introduces the concept of algorithms being a set of instructions that can be followed in order to complete a task.

IData – This unit has strong links with Numeracy and Data Handling. The children learn how to collect, organise and represent data using digital graphing tools.

Year 2

IAnimate- In this unit the children explore stop frame animation through story telling. The children will explore creating narratives and combining them with images to make their own short animated scenes.

IBlog – In this unit the children will learn how to blog. They will learn that a blog is an online conversation with an audience that responds. The children will develop both their writing and digital literacy skills by learning how to craft both posts and responses that ask and address questions.


The children will be learning all about what Christians, Muslims and Jewish people believe, how we are all equal with some similarities and differences within our faiths and beliefs. 
Towards the end of term to help consolidate all their learning, they will be creating a display comparing the similarities and differences between the different religions.

PSHE/British Values

The main areas that the children are learning in PSHE this term are “Drug Education" and

"Growing up”.

The British Values are incorporated throughout the children's daily routine and this is highlighted on a day to day basis, from being a nice friend, following instructions and using our manners to having responsibilities, understanding boundaries and looking after ourselves and doing what makes us happy. Although the children are regularly reflecting each value, we always have one that is a main focus and this term it is “Mutual Respect and Tolerence for those with different faiths and beliefs”. 
Each of the British Values are incorporated through the children’s PSHE lessons and they lay the foundations for discussion during our weekly class assemblies. Our student council meet and suggest ways of how we can filter the understanding of these values throughout school, they talk to the other children and bring their feedback back to the meetings, promoting a voice for all the children at Combs.

A Forest School lesson on a rainy day